Edwards hires Donnie Henderson

After not even giving possibly the best candidate an interview, Herman Edwards hired Baltimore Ravens secondary coach Donnie Henderson as his defensive coordinator on Saturday. <BR><BR>

It was thought that former Arizona Cardinals coach, Dave McGinnis, would get an interview, but it never happened. McGinnis is considered one of the best defensive minds in the league.

Edwards told reporters late Friday afternoon he had not made his mind up yet. He also told another candidate, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker coach Ron Rivera, that he had one other guy he wanted to interview, so Rivera took the Chicago Bears defensive coordinator job. It's unclear who the candidate was, if there was one.

It was clear through the process that Edwards was willing to take a chance on an unknown candidate as opposed to going with a proven commodity like McGinnis or former Buffalo Bills coach Gregg Williams. Edwards felt the Jets took a chance on him, so that is what he might want to do with his new defensive coordinator.

Edwards also clearly wanted a coordinator who will listen to him and that wasn't always the case with former defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell. It's possible that Edwards feels he will be able to work with an upstart like Henderson easier than a former head coach. Edwards wants to get more involved in the defense next season.

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