Edwards officially hires Henderson

For Herman Edwards, it was an easy decision to hire Donnie Henderson as his defensive coordinator.<BR><BR>

"He was our third candidate and he moved up the charts fast with me," said Edwards. "When I interviewed veteran coordinators, I measured them up to Donnie."

Henderson impressed Edwards with how much he knew about the Jets during the interview.

"The thing that might have set me apart from other candidates is the way I prepared," said Henderson, who was the Baltimore Ravens secondary coach the last five years. "I think that set me apart."

Edwards thinks the fact that Henderson isn't a "big-name" candidate is overrated.

"I think sometimes you get caught up in certain guys because they have a name," said Edwards. "If you do not, then it's not really an interview process and you don't take time to interview other guys. I didn't want to get caught up in that. You might find a diamond in the rough. A lot of guys didn't have names until someone gave than an opportunity. Someone gave me an opportunity to be a head coach and I always remember that in the interview process."

What Edwards likes about Henderson is his teaching ability and his no-nonsense style of coaching.

"I like Donnie's demeanor," said Edwards. "I think he is a good communicator and a high energy guy. He is always pushing players and that is a good thing."

Henderson is going to bring an attacking style of play to the Jets defense.

"We are going to have multiple fronts and be very aggressive with multiple coverages," said Henderson. "We will be flexible enough to go from the 3-4 to the 4-3. You will get a taste of Baltimore and a taste of what was here."

Henderson feels the teaching on the field needs to improve in Hempstead.

"We have to get the coaches to teach better and prepare them a little bit more," said Henderson. "I probably shouldn't say better."

But he did, so it's quite obvious that Edwards wants better teaching and preparation on defense and feels Henderson can deliver that.

We will see. Remember there were a mulititude of defensive coordinator openings this off-season, and the Jets were the only team to give Henderson an interview.

Time will tell whether Edwards sees something in Henderson others didn't see.

In the next few days, we will have a premium story with the lowdown on Henderson. Stay tuned.

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