From a fan's perspective

The New York Jets have officially hired Donnie Henderson (Baltimore Ravens Secondary Coach) to become their new defensive coordinator. I for one am glad the Jets got him since from what I hear, he's a respected and inspiring coach. <BR><BR>

Head coach Herman Edwards had a long search and thought hard as to who he wanted commanding his defense and it looks like he got the right guy for the job.

Last season, the Jets' main problems were with their defense. They couldn't stop the run, they didn't cover opposing wide receivers well enough, they didn‘t tackle well, and many would say they lacked aggression. I watched every Jets game last season and I really wish they had that fire in them that when they hit someone, they didn't just hit them, but ANNIHILATED them. Henderson comes from a team that is known for "hitting -n- hurting" as the say. I can't wait to see that with our Gang Green. Already, some moves have been considered on defense, one of them being defensive end John Abraham moving to the linebacker position. Can you imagine how much havoc he'll be causing if he does well? I even heard he'll be used as a defensive end on certain situations like third downs and the rest as a linebacker. It should be interesting to see how that goes.

It's well known ever since 2000, the Baltimore Ravens have always been known for their stellar defense. Heck, it won them Super Bowl XXXV and gave more proof to the famous quote: "Defense wins championships." Sure, they might have had some key players (like LB Ray Lewis for example) on that team, but it's not JUST the players that make a defense great. A lot of it has to do with the coaching, and with good, aggressive coaching, the sky is truly the limit. I‘ve always believed if you have a good coach who has his players play for him, those players can turn into superstars.

With that in mind, I have a feeling we're going to have a breakout season when it comes to our defense in 2004. Mind you, Henderson has never been a coordinator in his career but that's ok, everyone has to start somewhere. There has been a lot of talk as to what direction this defense is going to take, whether we'll remain in a 4-3 or change to a 3-4 or whatever else. Edwards even said he wants to get rid of the Cover 2 scheme and adopt something new, something fast, and of course, something aggressive. Figure for example, you have Abraham, Hobson, and Cowart as our starting linebackers with a defensive line of Ellis, Evans, and Robertson. That could be pretty potent, but then again, the possibilities are endless.

This Jets Fan can't WAIT to see what Henderson installs for our 2004 campaign on the Jets defense. Hopefully it'll finally end the constant problem of our defensive woes. I hate how it's always something when it comes to our defense each season, and now I hope he makes us Raven-like where all we do is locate and destroy!!!

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