Edwards and Testaverde statements

On Thursday afternoon, Jets quarterback Vinny Testaverde and head coach Herman Edwards issued statements about the player's future.

Vinny Testaverde -

"In an effort to figure out what is best for my family, myself and the New York Jets, I have informed Terry Bradway and Herman Edwards that I will not take part in the off-season program. I am considering, unless something changes, bringing an end to my professional playing career."

Herman Edwards -

"Vinny Testaverde will forgo participating in the upcoming off-season workouts. He recognize his desire to review his future."

Analysis - This is a way for the Jets to wait until June 1 to release Testaverde to lessen the 2004 cap hit. It's a classy jesture by Testaverde to go along with this strategy. If he was so inclined, he could just retire now, and the Jets would take a $7.5 million hit in 2004. But by waiting until June 1, the cap hit this year will be just $3.5 million.

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