Jets make bee-line for Winfield

The Jets are looking to make a quick strike at the cornerback position, and have their eye on a Buffalo Bill.

The first matter of business for the Jets in free agency, which officially began today, is to sign a shutdown cornerback, and it looks like Buffalo's Antoine Winfield is their #1 target. Not only is he excellent in man-to-man coverage, which the Jets will employ more this year, but a superb run defender. Many scouts consider Winfield the best run support cornerback in football. Considering how anemic the Jets run defense was last year, a guy like Winfield would be a big help.

But obviously the number one reason they would sign him is his coverage skills, and the former first round pick out of Ohio State is also a blanket cover guy.

"He neutralizes elite receivers," said a scout. "He is instinctive and tough and technically sound. He is one of the most technically sound and most consistent cover guys in the league. He has the athleticism and speed to handle any receiver."

The only drawback with Winfield is his size (5-9, 180), and that hurts him in the red zone and in jump ball situations against tall receivers.

But his positives far outweigh this issue, and if the Jets could sign Winfield, they would greatly enhance their secondary, a problematic area last season.

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