Evans situation unsettled

While the Jets want defensive tackle Josh Evans on the team, it's not a certainty he will be back.

If Evans isn't willing to restructure his contract, he will likely be playing elsewhere next year.

"I talked to Josh and they are trying to get him to take a paycut - wow," said one Jets defender.

When asked about Evans, a team source told JC this week, "That is a guy who I think is going to test the market."

That source made it seem like Evans was on his way out of Hempstead.

Evans is resistent to giving money back after losing his whole $3 million bonus last year due to a league suspension.

The Jets clearly don't want to pay Evans the $3.8 million he is owed for this season. After Evans drug suspension forced him to miss half of last season, his third league violation, the Jets clearly are in a great bargaining position. Evans suspension last year really hurt the Jets defense because the team was forced to start rookie Dewayne Robertson, who clearly wasn't ready.

Jets coach Herman Edwards and Evans have a close relationship, so there is a chance both sides can reach an agreement.

But right now, there is an impasse.

In other news, after initially playing hardball, placekicker Doug Brien accepted the Jets offer yesterday, and will be back for the 2004 season. Offensive lineman Brent Smith also agreed to terms. The Jets are still trying to decide whether to play Smith at backup swing tackle, or let him continue to start at guard. With the departure of Dave Szott, a Jets source tells that the Smith could stay at guard, unless the Jets can find an upgrade.

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