Bradway explains the McCareins deal

Here is Terry Bradway, in his own words, describing why he chose to go after Justin McCareins instead of Terrell Owens.

When we started out this whole free agency process, Justin McCareins was our No. 1 consideration at wide receiver. We knew that he was a restricted free agent. The only thing we didn't know is whether or not Tennessee would put a No. 1 tender on him or the fourth round tender. Initially we were hoping it would be the fourth round tender. When it was the first round tender, I made a point to call (Titans GM) Floyd Reese and ask Floyd if he would be willing to take anything less than a 1. At that point in time he indicated that he would. We had had some other conversations back and forth.

Meanwhile, our scouting department, our college scouts, pro scouts, evaluated all the receivers available in this year's draft and felt Justin was by far better than any receiver that we could get in the second round, and felt that the value of the 42nd pick was well worth getting Justin on our club.

Justin is young at age 25. He started 10 games for Tennessee this past year. What impresses us about him is he's got great hands, he's got the size we're looking for, he's a physical receiver, and he'll block. Even as a starter, he played a lot on special teams. He was also their punt returner and had a pretty good punt return average, even though a lot of teams started kicking the ball away from him.

What our needs were in terms of that X receiver position, we felt this was the guy we wanted all along. I know there's some questions as to other receivers that may have been available. We had gotten many phone calls from teams. What you have to understand is, when you get a phone call, that doesn't mean we're interested. San Francisco did call about Terrell Owens. We were not interested. Owens, although he's a great player in his own right, with his age, was not just the right fit here. Justin is the guy that we wanted from day one. Fortunately for us, it was able to work out.

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