Lynch update

Former Tampa Bay safety John Lynch concluded his two-day visit to the Jets on Friday night.

The biggest hurdle to Lynch becoming a Jets was overcome on Friday, when he passed his physical at office of Jets team doctor Elliott Pellman in Lake Success, NY. There were some concerns about recent neck surgery.

It shouldn't be too hard for the Jets and Lynch's camp to come to a contract agreement. Lynch made it clear last week, he isn't playing for the money.

According to a Jets source, Lynch's visit went smoothly. This shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, he and Jets coach Herman Edwards are like family.

"The visit went really well," said a source close to the Jets. "This is John Lynch, not Antoine Winfield. Lynch is like a brother to Herman."

But he might pull a Winfield on the Jets. The Boston Globe reported on Sunday, Lynch might be learning towards signing with the Denver Broncos.

The strong relationship between Edwards and Lynch could potentially cause problems if the safety signed with the Jets. When a coach has a close friend on the team, sometimes it makes players uncomfortable, wondering what they can say or do in front of the coach's friend.

A Jets source doesn't think that will be a issue if Lynch signs with the Jets.

"They did okay in Tampa," said the source. "It might have been a problem in the past here, but not with our current group."

Lynch had visits to other teams planned for after his trip to New York, but they have been put on hold.

The two finalists for his services are clearly the Broncos and the Jets, and a decision could happen in the next few days.

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