Tongue feels he had better year than Lynch

Here is Reggie Tongue, in his own words, talking about joining the Jets and comparisons to John Lynch:

The Jets told me they were going to possibly bring me in on Monday. I guess it kind of depended on if John Lynch was going to stay there or not. He was there. He left. Then I came in, talked to Herman.

Me and Terry Bradway have connections back at Kansas City. He was kind of responsible for me going there. He brought me in, took me out to dinner. Next day I took a tour, talked to all the coaches, talked to Herman, and left there with a contract.

I had a great relationship with Terry in Kansas City, he's straight-forward. He's just a great person. I'm not just saying that, it's true, he's a great person. I know his family. I've done some speeches, talks at his son's school. I just am thrilled to be able to work with him again.

I'm aggressive. I feel as though I can do whatever's asked of me. I can cover, I can tackle, I play special teams. I just like being on the field.

Also I'm a leader, I'm unselfish. And I just bring, I believe, more importantly, a boost of positive energy out there on the field.

I've heard that [Jon McGraw's] just a great person. And in order to play together, in order to do anything and be successful at it as a team, you got to have some great people to work together, and you got to have chemistry.

I think things will be fine between us. I've heard nothing but great things about him and I can't wait to meet him, and can't wait to work with him and the rest of the defense.

Did I have a better year last year than [John Lynch]? I personally feel like I had a pretty good year. Numbers-wise, I believe I [had a better year]. But he still went to the Pro Bowl and I didn't.

He in the eyes of a lot of people had a better year than I did. It depends at how you look at it. I mean, the team that I had went further. I don't want to talk bad about him because he's a great player, and he's done a lot of great things. But if you just look at the numbers, they speak for themselves.

I was not wishing anything bad on John. I was hoping he'd go there, pass the physical, and whatever would transpire, would transpire. If it weren't meant for me to be in New York, I wouldn't be there. If John had signed, then, you know, I would have been happy for him and I move on. I had interests from other teams. If it wasn't New York, then it would be somewhere else.

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