A conversation with Justin McCareins

The Jets have needed a big, physical receiver since the Keyshawn Johnson trade in 2000. It looks like they finally filled that void with the trade for Tennessee Titan receiver Justin McCareins. Here is a conversation with the Jets newest offensive weapon:

Q)What are your thoughts about coming to New York, the opportunities here?

McCareins: Well, I just want to say I'm really excited. It's great to have a team be that interested in you and really see some of those things that you do that don't often get noticed or talked about too much. This is a younger team, on its way up that I'm real excited to join and get a chance to contribute. And I'm ready to work.

Q)What were your thoughts on the West Coast Offense? How do you think you fit into it?

McCareins: I'm very excited. I got to watch a lot of tape on these guys. I really like what they do.

Q)Was is it about the Jets offense that you like?

McCareins: I think I'm that type of player that fits well in that. Also, they're looking for guys who want to block and want to get into the safeties and help Curtis Martin run the ball. That's the type of things I want to do. I'm real excited to be a part of it.

Q)Can you talk about the process that brought you to the Jets.

McCareins: I didn't make a decision on where I was going to go because obviously it's out of my control.

Q)What are your impressions of Chad Pennington, another player who came out of the MAC Conference?

McCareins: I watched him in college, even when he played at Marshall. I was just as impressed then. He's a young quarterback. He's going to get even better than he is now. I also notice that receivers love to catch the ball from him. He's got good touch on his passes and he's very accurate. I'm excited to be out there running for him.

Q)You had a pretty big year last year. Were you surprised that they were willing to trade you?

McCareins: They have to make decisions. The other receivers they have on that team are definitely pretty good. I think they'll do fine without me. But, you know, I definitely feel that I'm a player that they might miss for a while. I'm looking forward to coming out here and contributing here.

Q)You had a very high percentage of first downs on your catches. What is that attributable to?

McCareins: Last season I was running quite a few deep routes, and most of my catches were longer passes. It just worked out that way.

Q)With your size and speed, you seem like a good fit to run the quick slant routes that are such a big part of the West Coast offense . . .

McCareins: I like that, and I like being able to get the ball in my hands really quickly and getting a chance to run with it. That's exciting to me.

Q)What are your memories of that 59-yard touchdown catch you had against the Jets last season?

McCareins: Obviously, it was Monday night, and your emotions are going that early in the game. Before I knew it, I was in the end zone. It was a great feeling. Too bad the game didn't work out the way I wanted it to at the time. Hopefully I can be doing that for this team.

Q)How would you describe yourself as a receiver?

McCareins: I feel one of my biggest strengths is that I'm pretty versatile as a player. You know, I'm not afraid to go up the middle. I'm not afraid to catch those intermediate routes. I can go deep. I love doing it all. Whatever they ask me to do is whatever I'm doing. I'm going to definitely work hard the entire game.

Q)Were you aware of how bad this team needed a big receiver?

McCareins: I am aware of that. And I knew they were looking. You know, it feels great to come to a place where they genuinely wanted you there. You know, I'm excited to get in here and work.

Q)Herman Edwards talked about how he liked your passion for the game . . .

McCareins: I love competing. You know, all this stuff (interviews) is nice, but it's being out in the field is what is the most fun to me, being out there working, competing, and most importantly winning. That's the only way to really have fun.

Q)When the Titans picked a big receiver in the second round last year, did you view that as a challenge?

McCareins: That's how I looked at it. I went into the season not knowing how much I would even get a chance to play. You know, I made a decision early on in training camp where I was going to go hard every play and make the most of every opportunity I got to show them and show these people that I could play and I could do it. You know, I got it done. All I can do is just keep getting better, I feel.

Q)How fast are you?

McCareins: Fast enough.

Q)4.45, is that accurate?

McCareins: That's accurate. I'm not going to run any more 40s I think in my life. But I definitely be able to run by guys.

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