Kiper feels Robinson perfect for Jets

In the first of a series exclusively for Jets Confidential, draft expert Mel Kiper looks at South Carolina cornerback Dunta Robinson. He feels Robinson is just what the Jets need, but he might not be there at 12.

"There is a chance Robinson could be there, but I have him going a little earlier.

"I like a number of things about him. Don't forget what he did in high school. He was a defensive back, running back and wide receiver as a senior in the high school ranks in Georgia. He is a versatile athlete. As a true freshman in 2000, he was a safety and special teamer. He is was been a consistently developing player, who gradually emerged in the South Carolina program.

"This past year he was the team captain. Lou Holtz doesn't make just anybody the team captain. There was obviously respect and regard for him.

"He had 12 passes defensed in 2003. He didn't have many interceptions, but they didn't throw to his side much.

"He is also very tough and aggressive. He is a form tackler. He will come up and support the run. He will throw his body around, though he's not very big at 5-10 1/2, 186 pounds.

"The only reason I gave DeAngelo Hall (Virginia Tech) the edge in my book over Robinson is because he has a 42 vertical, and he's 200 pounds compared to 186 for Robinson. If Robinson was 5-11 1/2, 6-feet, I would have given the edge to him.

"But I don't think Robinson's size is going to be a big problem for him in tackling, jamming receivers or in bump-and-run. The only problem he could have is in jump ball situations.

"Robinson ran well at the combine with a 4.34. He only did a 36 vertical, but he is strong and did 15 reps of 225 pounds. He could do more than that on a good day.

"I like the kid. He is fundamentally sound and should be able to start as a rookie, which is what you want. He doesn't need the developing of Ohio State's Chris Gamble. He can come right in and help you.

"I think there is a chance Robinson can be there at 12 for the Jets, but he could go to Houston at 10. I think the Jets should pick Robinson if is he is there at 12. He is a good cover man, a man-to-man guy. He is the characteristics to be excellent corner in Donnie Henderson's system. You could make the argument that Robinson is the best corner in this draft. He will come in ready too play and has a great attitude. Robinson is a slam dunk for the Jets, if he's there.

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