Hall will be gone at 12

In his second exclusive column for Jets Confidential, draft expert Mel Kiper looks at cornerbacks DeAngelo Hall and Chris Gamble. Kiper thinks that Hall will be gone when the Jets pick.

DeAngelo Hall (Virginia Tech) has a chiseled 200 pound frame. He is a strong kid. He has run 4.18 to 4.25. He ran 4.35 at the combine. He has world class speed. He also has a 42-inch vertical leap. He has great leaping ability. Hall is a tremendously confident player. He is also a great punt returner. That aspect can be a plus for Hall.

While Hall will go high, I do think he is a little inconsistent and gets a little too overconfident at times and jumps some routes and makes some bad decisions. I don't like that fact that he's only 5-10. While he does have some Darrell Green in him as far as world class speed, I didn't view him as a shutdown cornerback on the college level.

But I see Hall going to Cleveland at seven, or to Atlanta at eight. There is no chance the Jets can get Hall at 12.

If Hall and Dunta Robinson (South Carolina)are gone at 12, there isn't another cornerback worthy of being picked at that point. If Chris Gamble (Ohio State) had a better year at Ohio State and had worked out better, he might have been a consideration there. But remember his recent workout was very average. He didn't run that well. Gamble is very raw and not experienced. If you are getting a guy who isn't fundamentally sound yet and not experienced, you better have great workout numbers, and he didn't.

Gamble is a little over 6-1, and weighs 199 and only ran in the 4.56 area. That isn't good enough, and his overall workout wasn't viewed as outstanding. That 40 time is very mediocre. He does play faster than that, and has more competitive speed than that. If he were more of a finished product, I wouldn't worry about the speed, but he's not a finished product.

I have Gamble as the third cornerback because the other guys that fall into that area are Matt Ware (UCLA), who is a tweener as both a safety and cornerback prospect and Will Poole (USC) didn't run that well, but he's a very good player. I couldn't rank Shawntae Spencer (Pittsburgh) that high even though he had a great year. I do think he might go in the late first.

You have to put Gamble third because he has a lot of upside potential and he is a good player. He hasn't played that much cornerback, but he's a talented kid. He had a great game against Kansas State. Once he gets more experienced and coached up, two or three years down the road, he could be a heck of a player.

But Gamble is not worthy of the 12 pick. I think with the 12th pick, you need to get a guy who will be one of your top seven, eight, nine players. Gamble isn't that type of player. You can make a case for Hall, and you can make a case for Robinson, but you can't make a case for Gamble.

I see Gamble going in the 18 to 28 area, so he might be a guy the Jets can target later in the round if they are able to trade down.

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