Kiper thinks Jets should consider M. Williams

If the Jets pick a linebacker or wide receiver in the first round, they will likely grab a cornerback in the third round. Mel Kiper thinks Ricardo Colclough would be perfect.<p>

Q)If the Jets don't pick a cornerback in the first round, we saw in your mock draft, you have them picking a sleeper cornerback named Ricardo Colclough in the third round. People don't know a lot about him since he played at tiny Tusculum College. What can you tell us about him?

Kiper: Ricardo Colcough is an interesting guy. He is a very talented guy. He could have played anywhere and been a star. Before he came to Tusculum he was a JUCO star in Texas. At Tusculum, he was very productive. He had nine interceptions last year. He also excelled as a punt returner. As a kickoff returner, he was phenomenal, averaging 30 yards per return. While he is still learning to play cornerback in the NFL, he can contribute as a punt and kick returner.

He has pretty good size and very good ball skills. He's a tough kid. He's very confident considering the low level of competition he is coming from. He held his own at the Senior Bowl. He plays taller than his 5-11 size. He has a 40-inch vertical leap, and has 4.45 speed.

However, he's not strong. That is the biggest issue. He has to get stronger. While he is 193 pounds and tough, athletic and fast, he has to get stronger. He has to get stronger to become a guy who won't be out-muscled and pushed around. He is going to have to deal with big receivers. Most of the receivers coming into the league this year are big and physical. This is league is made up of a lot of big and physical receivers.

Q)Speaking of big, physical receivers, in your mock first round, you had the Jets picking USC wideout Mike Williams. What was your rationale?

Kiper: I thought he was the best player on the board at that point. I would think the Jets will be looking to add a wide receiver at some point in this draft. Justin McCareins is okay and Santana Moss is coming off a productive year, but Chrebet is a question mark and they don't have any depth.

Williams could slip to the Jets at 12 because he hasn't run that well. Are people overreacting to Williams lack of ideal speed? I wouldn't say they are overreacting: you have to look at it. Also he has only two full seasons of college football.

Williams is a very confident in his ability. He wants the ball. He's excellent in the red zone, and the Jets lack of a big receiver has hurt them down there. He is 6-4 ½, 228 pounds. He's got excellent size. Williams is going to be like Keyshawn, but a little bigger and faster.

As far as maturity, at his age, you will have to worry about that.

Williams could be around when the Jets pick, and it would create an interesting dilemma. Say DeAngelo Hall and Dunta Robinson are gone. Do you take Mike Williams or Jonathan Vilma or D.J. Williams?

Another guy who might be there is Miami defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. While he would be a great value at 12, it's hard seeing the Jets taking him after trading up for Dewayne Robertson last year.

I still think the Jets should grab Robinson if he is there. You could make the argument he is the best cornerback in this draft, and he will come in ready to play. He has a great atttitude. He was team captain. If Robinson is there, it should be a slam dunk pick for the Jets.

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