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Jets don't want to trade down too far

Coming off possible the worst year of his career in player personnel, Jets GM Terry Bradway is well aware this is a big draft for him.<p> "6-10 was a wake-up call," said Bradway.<p>

And he will have plenty of draft picks to make amends. Thanks to four supplemental selections, one in the fourth round and three in the seventh, the Jets will be "on the clock" ten times.

"We've only had 18 picks here our first three years," said Bradway. "I know it's an exciting time for our scouts because they get a chance to pick some players."

Last year, due to the uncertain status of defensive tackle Josh Evans, who was facing an impending drug suspension around the time of the draft, the Jets traded up to the fourth spot to select Dewayne Robertson. That move didn't benefit the Jets at all last year, and actually hurt the team because Robertson struggled at the all-important three-technique tackle spot.

This year Bradway feels the Jets have a healthier draft mindset because they filled holes at cornerback (David Barrett), linebacker (Eric Barton) and wide receiver (Justin McCareins) prior to the draft.

"Unlike last year, we don't have a glaring need to bring a starting player in," said Bradway. "Therefore I think it just opens up our options on draft day, whether it be by position or whether it be in a situation where we can potentially move down and still get a player that we want, and maybe acquire another pick."

But Bradway feels there are 20 first round players in this year's draft, so if the team does trade down, they wouldn't want to go down too far from their current spot at 12.

"The worst thing that you can have happen is trade down and lose the guy that you really want," said Bradway. "I mean, if there are three players left on the board when you're at 12, and one of those you really want, if you roll the dice, take a chance, move back, and you lose them, then you don't feel real good."

It's no secret the Jets covet cornerbacks DeAngelo Hall (Virginia Tech) and Dunta Robinson (South Carolina), and would love to grab one of them at 12.

"You can't have enough [cornerbacks] in this league," said Jets coach Herman Edwards. "We play in a league, after first down, people are generally spreading you out, so you need three or four corners, Terry knows this. You got to find a way to try to get a corner in your system because corners are high premiums."

But Hall and Robinson are likely to be gone when the Jets pick, and there is a big dropoff to the next tier of cornerbacks, like Ohio State's Chris Gamble, USC's Will Poole, Pittsburgh's Shawntae Spencer and Oklahoma's Derrick Strait. So if the Jets trade down, it's more likely they will pick a linebacker like Miami's Jonathan Vilma or D.J. Williams.

"We need some youth at linebacker and we are probably going to look at that," said Edwards. "Those are two good ones from Miami. You might just draft that whole team. They would be pretty good. In our league, linebackers who are athletic guys are a premium. They are like corners because they are in space all the time."

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