Jets got their man. They coveted Miami linebacker Jonathan Vilma, and they were able to pick him with their first pick in the draft. Mel Kiper thinks he's the most instinctive linebacker to come out in years.<p>

Q)What do you think of Jonathan Vilma?

Kiper: Vilma is as instinctive a linebacker as you will ever find, and he's fast. He's also motivated and a leader. He has a great work ethic. Vilma seems like he is moving before the ball is snapped. He knows where the ball is going. He reads and reacts and moves. He is intuitive and seems like he has eyes in the back of his head. If protected by good defensive linemen, he can be a great player.

Q)You projected him to outside linebacker in your book. Do you think he can play the middle in the pros?

Kiper: He can play the middle in the pros, but do you want a 6-0 and 1/2, 225 pound middle linebacker? And he probably will only be able to hold 230-235 tops. He doesn't have Ray Lewis' frame. He's narrow. If you don't have good defensive tackle play, he could have trouble at middle linebacker.

If a team moved him to the outside, he should have no trouble adjusting because he's so smart.

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