Vilma's thoughts on coming to the Jets

Here are Jonathan Vilma's thoughts on joining the Jets:

My thoughts on coming to the Jets? Here's a true story you can tell anybody who wants to know, I told Santana I wanted to come there since January. And I told him to give Coach Edwards the message, he relayed the message and they wanted me too. It was a perfect fit.

I like everything about the Jets: the staff, the players, they want to win. It looks like they have a good core. I look forward to playing with Santana Moss and Matt Walters.

[My size] is not really a concern with obviously the Jets or me because I feel that I am fine with myself and I guess the Jets think I am fine with myself also because they picked me.

I'm athletic enough and smart enough to play either [outside or inside]. I also think they want me coming in for both positions to be on the safe side. I guess wherever I fit the best, that's where they will put me.

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