Washington very raw

Draft insider John Murphy on Rashad Washington, Trevor Johnson and Derrick Ward:

Rashad Washington is a pure SS... good straight line speed... but a little stiff in coverage... plays best closer to the line of scrimmage... was a WR and basketball player when he entered college, so he does not have the same pure natural instincts of some other more experienced defenders... drops his head on some tackles... and will lose a few guys instead of wrapping them up . . . on the plus side... he is a good kid... great family . . . great vertical leap for his size... willing to learn... could help on special teams... room to grow as a player... at worst he should find his way to a practice squad spot...

The Jets will get value out of Trevor Johnson... teams were split over using him at DE, OLB or even TE... Derrick Ward is a big kid with decent speed for his size... better than advertised hands out of the backfield... was a Freshman All-American at Fresno State before missing time and transferring due to academics... but it was not as bad as it sounds, as he missed being eligible by ONE class.

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