Raiders still want Jordan

The Oakland Raiders and Jets had trade talks during the draft about tailback Lamont Jordan, but couldn't reach a deal. The Raiders hope the talks aren't done.

New Raiders coach Norv Turner still has his eye on Jordan, who he thinks could be the ideal feature back in his new offense.

Turner isn't thrilled with the tailbacks he inherited - Tyrone Wheatley and Justin Fargas. He really wanted to make a trade for Jordan on draft day.

"We had discussions during the draft," said Turner. "Will this continue to be discussed? I hope so."

What prevented a draft day weekend trade from reaching fruition? Reportedly, the Jets wanted to land a second round pick, and the Raiders were only willing to offer a third. The Jets wanted to at least get back their original investment. Remember Jordan was a second round pick in 2001.

Speaking of the 2001 draft, there were rumors before the draft that the Jets were offering offensive tackle Kareem McKenzie, Jordan and their #1 pick (12) to the Raiders for the Raiders #1 pick (2) and a second round selection. Remember the Raiders have had their eye on McKenzie as well. He is a restricted free agent and they were considering making him an offer. However, now that they've drafted Iowa tackle Robert Gallery, their interest in McKenzie has waned.

The Jets are going to have a hard time signing Jordan and McKenzie after this season when both become unrestricted free agents. With Curtis Martin signed to a big-money long-term contract, the Jets don't have much money to pay Jordan. As for McKenzie, the team wants to re-sign him, but he is represented by the Poston Brothers, who are very hard to negotiate with, and often don't deal with reality. Remember they are the ones who asked the St. Louis Rams for a $27 million signing bonus for offensive tackle Orlando Pace.

The Jets seem inclined to keep Jordan and McKenzie under one-year tenders, and worry about their contracts down the road.

Keep in mind, the Jets picked two offensive tackles (Aaron Jones and Marko Cavka) in the 2004 draft. This could be with an eye towards the future, and a potential McKenzie departure.

It might be smart for the Jets to get something for one of them, instead of letting them both walk after this season.

How about sending Jordan to the Raiders for a 2005 third round pick and Fargas?

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