Minicamp Notebook

The Jets conducted their first minicamp practice, and defensively things didn't go smoothly. Also, Lamont Jordan isn't a happy camper and Jamie Henderson's contract is up-in-the-air.

The team is installing a new defensive system under coordinator Donnie Henderson.

And if the first practice was any indication, it's going to take a while for the players to get comfortable.

"There is smoke coming out of their helmets," joked Jets coach Herman Edwards. "This will put a mental strain on the players."

In the first practice, the Jets were using a lot of the 3-4 look on defense. This is one of the reasons Henderson's system is so complex, it incorporates both the 3-4 and the 4-3 at different times.

Jets defensive ends John Abraham and Bryan Thomas were shuffling between the linebacker and defensive line drills, and were seen dropping into coverage on occasion.

"There are times we are going to ask them to drop because we will be rushing other guys," said Edwards.

In other words, they are going to use the "Zone Blitz" that Pittsburgh made famous . . .

Kevin Mawae wasn't at the Friday morning practice because of an illness in the family . . .

Lamont Jordan refused to talk to the media on Friday.

"You don't have to be a genius to figure out (why he's not talking)," said Edwards.

He is clearly upset with the team for refusing to give him a new long-term contract.

Jordan's agent Alvin Keels said recently that the team should consider trading Jordan if they don't give him a new deal.

"To negotiate in the papers isn't smart," said Edwards . . .

Wayne Chrebet looked good in practice, catching everything thrown to him, and says he's not feeling any lingering symptoms from the concussions he suffered last season. He said he finally got over the post-concussion syndrome in February . . .

The Jets have moved rookie free agent linebacker Jerrell Weaver to safety. They think he's undersized for linebacker (listed at a generous 217 pounds), but has a chance at safety with his sub-4.4 speed and excellent hitting ability . . .

Justin McCareins was impressive in the morning practice. He runs very well for a player his size (6-2, 218). After strugging in some informal practices earlier in the spring, he's now more comfortable in the West Coast offense. He blew by cornerback David Barrett on a deep route in the morning practice . . .

The Jets have no comment on whether they will honor Jamie Henderson's contract for the 2004 season. Henderson was seriously injured in a motorcyle accident, and will not be able to play in the upcoming season. Complicating matters for Henderson is that he never signed the one-year tender the team extended him prior to the accident.

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