Moss "lovin" the Vilma pick

If there was anyone happier than Terry Bradway that the Jets picked Jonathan Vilma, it's his former Miami teammate Santana Moss. Here are Moss' thoughts on the pick:

I think it was a great pick. It's kind of crazy because I remember being in Miami … and I remember talking to Vilma a couple of days after his visit to the Jets, and he was like "Man, I want to be a Jet." For me to hear someone talk like that, that was really big. I think he was really impressed by the way they treated him and everything during his visit. He told me there that he wanted to be a Jet. Just to have him man, knowing he's a Hurricane and knowing what he's going to bring to the table, I'm loving it man.

I tell everyone this; I've been saying this from day one. He reminds me of Derrick Brooks. He's that type of linebacker. I've been saying this for the longest. I was saying this before he ever became the player who everyone saw in college. When he was in high school down there he played right next door to the University of Miami. The way he played in high school, I was like "Man, this guy reminds me of Derrick Brooks" the way he played ball. He wasn't that big, but he just made plays. He was always around the ball. He made the big hits; the big plays came to him and the key tackles and stuff like that. And then to continue what he was doing in his high school career and transform that over to his college career, I just know he has big things ahead of him on another level.

Just knowing him personally, he's one of those guys like myself. He's very low-key, he's going to come to work and he's going to do what he has to do and give it his all. He's a good person off the field, and he's a hell of a player on the field. That's what the Jets got, and they're going to see it from day one.

He's just a guy who keeps to himself and he's going to come out there on the field and play like an animal. That's what you want. You want a guy who's not really going to talk it, but who's going to go out there and show it. That's what he's going to bring to the table. He's not a big talker. I guess he's the same thing I am; I'm not going to give [reporters] want [they] want all the time, when it comes to talking to me about somebody or the upcoming game. He prefers to go out there and show it before he speaks about it.

When [Herm] told me that Vilma was a guy they were looking at, I just told them what type of player he was and what type of person he was, and I told them that he wanted to be here. I'm pretty sure they were already sure of what they wanted, and they went ahead and got him.

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