A conversation with Darrell McClover

With one of their seventh round picks, the Jets selected Miami linebacker Darrell McClover. The Coconut Creek, Florida native, has excellent speed and strength, and the Jets think he can instantly become one of their top special teams player. Here is a conversation with the speedy linebacker:

Q)Do you think you got overlooked playing on the same team with Jonathan Vilma and D.J. Williams at Miami? Do you have something to prove?

McClover: You always have something to prove. Right now it's about proving myself on the next level. I have an opportunity right now and I'm happy to be with the Jets.

Q)How do you feel about playing with Vilma in the NFL?

McClover: I feel really good about joining Jonathan. We came into Miami together. It's going to be a great experience for both of us, and hopefully we will be in the Super Bowl.

Q)What kind of impact do you think Vilma will have as a rookie?

McClover: He is going to fit in real good because he knows how to adjust. He's a very smart guy. He will come in and contribute right away because it doesn't take him long to learn everything.

Q)What are your strengths on special teams?

McClover: I played every special team at Miami – kickoff, kickoff return, punt block and punt return. My strength are special teams, period.

Q)What is your fastest 40 time?

McClover: 4.44.

Q)Who is your agent?

McClover: Drew Rosenhaus.

Q)Who do you idolize?

McClover: I idolize my father Darrell. People say that I look like him and we have the same name. He is a very good father, so I might as well act like him.

Q)What would people be surprised to hear about you?

McClover: People would be surprised that I sing a lot.

Q)What was your greatest high school moment?

McClover: In a game against Coral Springs, I wrestled the quarterback to the ground. I accelerated and caught him from behind. I grabbed him by the shirt and swung him around three times in the air.

Q)Who is the linebacker you admire the most?

McClover: Jessie Armstead. He makes plays from sideline to sideline.

Q)Who is one athlete or entertainer you look at and want to change places with?

McClover: Michael Jordan. Everyone likes to be like Mike. So would I.

Q)If you were stuck on an island forever, pick one CD, one book and one woman who is not your girlfriend.

McClover: The CD I would like to take is Jagged Edge. The book would be the bible. I'm sorry, I would have to take my girlfriend.

Q)What do you think is the greatest sport moment of the past century?

McClover: The greatest sports moment for me was the Tennessee Titans lateral play that beat the Buffalo Bills. I could see Kevin Dyson getting cornered and it was like slow-motion when he threw the ball sideways to Frank Wycheck. At first, I couldn't believe it. What a dramatic ending to such an important game.

Q)What is your favorite movie?

McClover: My favorite movie is "Rudy."

Q)What player did you pretend to be while growing up?

McClover: Deion Sanders.

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