Healthy Abraham excited about new position

Where will John Abraham be when the season begins?

"You're going to have to find him," defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson said.

Decked in his green, number 94 jersey, the 6-4, 256 pound Abraham could not be confused for the needle in any haystack. And if the first day of training camp is any indication, he will be in the opponents' backfield early and often. The Jets just hope it is not as early as the three consecutive plays in Friday's practice when he jumped offsides against the first team offense, fruitlessly pointing an accusatory finger at left tackle Jason Fabini, as Fabini pointed back.

However, when Henderson said people would have to find Abraham, he was referring to the Jets' plan to rotate their two-time Pro Bowler between defensive end and linebacker during games this season--leaving opposing offenses to ponder the new ways the speedy Abraham (33.5 career sacks in 45 games) will be attacking their quarterback.

Said coach Herman Edwards: "We are always going to try to keep him on an edge where he isn't getting double teamed a lot … where he is put in the position to be a free rusher."

Abraham is comfortable in either role, having played linebacker his rookie season in 2000, as well as a senior in college, before moving to the line in 2001.

"The position wasn't really hard, but the terminology, and learning everything that they want me to know was," Abraham said.

Last summer, coming off back-to-back double digit sack years, Abraham entered training camp with aspirations for a 20-sack season. But after recording two sacks in Week One against Washington, the year quickly became a disappointment, as a result of injuries and a DUI arrest that led to a Week 5 benching. He reemerged two weeks later, sacking Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb 3.5 times, only to suffer a groin strain later in the game, essentially ending his season.

After the difficult year, Abraham is tempering his goals.

"I'm not really stressing the number of sacks," he said. "My biggest thing is finishing the year off and playing 16 games.

"This is going to be a positive thing for the team. I know if I'm on the field, I'm helping the team. If I'm not (on the field), I'm not (helping the team)."

He will be helping himself too, because no matter where people will have to look for him, he will be back where he wants to be.

"After missing last year, it was real stressful for me not being able to be on the field," Abraham said. "All the outside stuff really doesn't matter, but when I can get back on the field playing, then I feel better."

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