Pennington on McCareins

Pennington thinks wide receiver Justin McCareins will be a big help in the red zone.

Q)What are your thoughts on Justin McCareins thus far?

Pennington: He is an exciting player. I am excited to continue to work with him and get to know him a little better on and off the field. I think he makes our receiving corps stronger. He makes Santana (Moss) better, he makes Wayne (Chrebet) better.

Q)Will McCareins improve the teams success in the red zone?

Pennington: I think with Justin, Wayne and Santana all healthy, our chances of scoring touchdowns in the red zone dramatically increase. Last year we lost Wayne who is a big target in the red zone as well. Those three guys bring something different to the table when they step on the field. The defenses have to adjust accordingly to each one of them because they are a little bit different. It all boils down to ultimately that we run the ball well. That is the key to the red zone too; you have to be able to run the football. If you look at the teams who have been successful in the past few years such as Kansas City, Green Bay and Philadelphia in the red zone, they have been able to run the football down there.

Q)How great is to finally have a big target in the mix?

Pennington: [McCareins] is a different target obviously with his physicality mixed in with his speed. He has such a wide range to go catch a football. When we are in the red zone, we will be able to play basketball a little bit; let him box people out and use his body. It is all about positioning in the red zone because the spaces are tighter and the reaction time of the defense is faster. He helps us out a lot.

Q)How long do you think it will take to get in sync with McCareins?

Pennington: Well, it took me four years for Santana so it is probably going to take that long too. Obviously we don't have that long, but as long as we just continue to learn from each other and make progress every day, I am not worried about how comfortable I get, I am just concentrating on that we make progress every day. If we do that, we can survive and we will be fine.

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