A conversation with Lamont Jordan

Lamont Jordan realized when Curtis Martin received a new eight-year contract two years ago, his chances of ever taking over for the future Hall-of-Famer weren't good. Jordan now is just trying to be a good soldier, except his role, and likely leave the team after this year as a free agent to become a starter elsewhere. He is a conversation with Jordan held on Wednesday at Jets camp:

Q)How are you coming along conditioning-wise?

Jordan: I'm coming along. I guess people think that I'm in this awful shape but that's not the case at all. I'm getting in shape. That's part of what training camp is for. You can never be completely in shape prior to training camp. That's just how it is. What matters most to me is that when we play the Cincinnati Bengals in the first game of the season.

Q)Have you talked to coach Edwards about your role?

Jordan: Talking doesn't mean a lot. To me, it's all about actions. I've been hearing it for three years: we're going to get you the ball this, we're going to get you the ball that. I'm going to be ready for the opportunity.

Q)What is your mindset about the upcoming season?

Jordan: For me, I know the situation, and it's just important that I'm ready. I've sucked it up for three years, I have one more year to suck it up and then whatever happens after this year happens.

Q)Is there a chance you might get traded before the season?

Jordan: The way this business is, you never know. That's why it's important for me that I don't want to get into talking about me being here or me not being here. There's a chance I will be here and there's a chance I won't be here. But whatever happens, I have to make sure that I'm prepared for it. Because if I'm not here, then hey-that's just my opportunity to go somewhere else and show them what I'm capable of doing.

Q)Do you regret how you approached the situation and how you reported to camp this year?

… Jordan: No. I don't live my life with regrets. The way I see it, life is full of lessons and it's just a lesson you learned and something good may come out of this. It helps you understand the business and how the business works. I don't live my life in regrets, I've never regretted a thing I've done.

Q)What lessons have your learned through this whole process?

Jordan: Patience. Patience and understanding of the business. The business is the way it is. It's a business first and a game second. For any person, including me, or anybody else who is thinking anything differently, that would be a shame. I can't say it's a game first and a business second. Outside the lines, outside of Sunday and Monday nights, its strictly business and that's how you have to approach it.

Q)Where you in the doghouse during camp?

Jordan: I wouldn't say doghouse. The bottom line is the first week I didn't have a great attitude and I didn't practice up to my standards. There's a punishment for that. I've always been the type of person that I understand there are consequences to actions and it was a consequence I had to suffer. I'm a man, I did wrong, and I can handle my punishment.

Q)Do you want to be here on opening day?

Jordan: I do. I love playing with my teammates. But if I'm not here, life is about lessons and you have to adapt to any situation that presents itself. To me, the most important thing is that I'm prepared.

Q)Has Curtis Martin given you a lot of advice on how to handle the situation?

Jordan: If there is a certain way that I'm handling things that might not be best business way of handling things, Curt will let me know, and he always has. That's part of the reason why I have the love and respect I have for him. He'll tell me when I'm doing wrong. He'll tell me how maybe I shouldn't handle a situation. But at the end of the day, he also understands that, do you know what, that's part of life. Sometimes you have to a lesson learned the hard way sometimes you have to learn on your own.

Q)Was being hurt last year a factor in you not playing more?

Jordan: If you really look at it, I really wasn't getting in the games that much, with exception of the Houston game. There really was no rotation I felt what was going on. With exception of the Houston game, I really don't see where there was this consistent trade-off with carries between Curtis and I.

In some cases, you can't really just blame it on the coaching staff. If you look at our offense, you really can't get Curtis and myself the ball when you're running the ball nine times, 11 times, because when it comes down to it, Curt does have to get his carries.

Q)When Curtis got the contract extension after your first year, did you realize at that point your chances of taking over for him were greatly diminished?

Jordan: I knew when they gave him his extension, my first thought, well of course I was happy for him, but naturally, my first thought was dang, what does this mean for me? I kind of took that as they didn't have confidence in me and my ability and where I was as a person. You can't help but respect that, but everything in life happens for a reason. I think for me, I just have to maintain my patience and try and keep a cool head and not do anything that's going to hurt my focus on my football team. Whatever happens from here happens.

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