Q-and-A with Wayne Chrebet

Wayne Chrebet's mind has been off last season's postconcussion syndrome but has been focused this summer on groin and thigh problems. He sat out all four preseason games, including the Giants game and the finale vs. Philadelphia, both of which he missed due to a bad quadriceps bruise he suffered when he ran into linebacker Sam Cowart's knee in the Aug. 16 practice. Chrebet talked with Randy Lange of The Record and other reporters in the days before the Jets played the Eagles.<p>

Q)Can you talk about how you're feeling right now?

Chrebet: Nope.

Q)How about whether you think you'll be able to play in the opener against Cincinnati?

Chrebet: I can't discuss anything about that. I can discuss Santana, Jerricho ...

Q)OK, so how's rookie Jerricho Cotchery been looking as he's gotten to work at your slot position?

Chrebet: He's doing good out there. This is good for him, a blessing in disguise. He can do it in practice, but in game situations, he'll know zones and picking up blitzes. It's good for him. It'll help him in the long run.

Q)You're about to start your 10th season with the Jets. After all you went through last year, how does it feel, even though you're banged up, to be getting ready for another season?

Chrebet: It's just amazing. It's great to be back here. It's crazy when you think about how long I've been here. I'm looking forward to a good year, a big year.

Q)Any lingering concerns about the concussion?

Chrebet: I try not to think about it. After it happened, I was just trying to feel good again, enjoy myself, enjoy everything. I think with training camp, everything in my mind pointed to coming back, getting back out there and chasing that ring.

Q)After not practicing for two weeks, are you concerned at all about your game, your timing whenever you start playing in the regular season?

Chrebet: I'd love to be out there practicing, preparing myself. But I had a couple of good weeks of practice. I was out there enough to know I was back to my old self.

Q)Curtis Martin said he wanted to get the feeling of being ``dinged'' in the preseason games. You won't have played in any preseason games. Would you have liked to get dinged a little?

Chrebet: Not at all. I know what it feels like. That's not something you forget. But all in due time. It's going to happen.

Q)You, Santana Moss and Justin McCareins have yet to play together in a game. How good a wideout group can you three be?

Chrebet: I think we can do real well. Chad and the wide receivers were limited in the plays we called in games. We haven't thrown the kitchen sink at them yet. But how we looked in practice, running plays we're going to run during the year, I don't see why we can't be one of the top offenses in the league.

Q)For the first time, you're not one of the two starting wide receivers. You're the No. 3 man. How have you adapted to that role?

Chrebet: It's nothing new. I'm in the slot, but I think I'll be playing some outside, too. I think I'll be all over (the offense). People are switching around a lot and that'll keep defenses on their toes. Whatever they're asking from me, I'm ready to do.

Q)You now have the most continuous tenure as a Jet. How does it feel to be the old man in the locker room?

Chrebet: Yeah, it used to be me, Marvin (Jones) and Mo (Lewis). I'm the last one standing. The only one who's been here longer than me is Mike Kensil [vice president of operations]. I even out lasted Harry [Fisher], the security guard. I'm only 31. I feel like I've been here forever, but I'm just starting my life.

Q)One last try. You've only missed one season opener in your career, the 1999 game when you had a broken bone in your foot. You're not the kind of guy who likes to miss games like that.

Chrebet: (laughing) There's no way you can ask it that I can answer it. No comment. Rules are rules.

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