Bollinger deserves to be the #2 QB

Jets reserve quarterback Brooks Bollinger came into the game with 7:05 left with the Jets trailing the Philadelphia Eagles trailing 27-7.<p>

He proceeded to lead the Jets on three straight touchdown drives, and helped them pull out a 28-27 victory.

"We scored 21 points in seven minutes, that is a heck of a deal," said Jets coach Herman Edwards.

But despite clearly outplaying fellow backup quarterback Quincy Carter, who had one good drive in three quarters of action, Bollinger most likely will still be behind Carter on the depth chart come opening day against Cincinnati.

"When we brought Quincy in here, we said he is going to be #2 because of his experience," said Chad Pennington, who was a #2 quarterback with no experience for two plus seasons. "So I don't even know if that is an issue."

It should be an issue because Bollinger is a much better fit for the Jets West Coast offense. However, if you thought life wasn't unfair, welcome to the NFL where politics often take precedent over correct decisions.

Pennington thinks Bollinger is prepared to deal with the bad hand he is likely to be dealt.

"Brooks does a great job of handling adversity and tough situations," said Pennington. "He handled the situation in college when they rotated quarterbacks and he handled the situation in high school. I think it brings the best out in him. Now we can honestly say that we are strong at the quarterback position."

And if you think Bollinger is getting a raw deal, how would you feel if you were Ricky Ray? The quarterback chose the Jets over a couple of other suitors after being named the MVP of the CFL last year, and never truly got a chance to show what he could do this summer. He played briefly against the Indianapolis Colts, but didn't see any action in the other three preseason games, and now will likely get cut.

"I would have like to get into one of these last two games, but that is just the way it is," said Ray.

That is just the way it is. And the way it should be at the Jets #2 quarterback spot is that Bollinger should get the job.

He proved that Friday night.

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