Jets name Carter #2 QB for opener

The Jets named Quincy Carter as the #2 quarterback for their opener against the Cincinnati Bengals.<p>

"That is my opinion," said Jets coach Herman Edwards about the decision. "I could be wrong."

On Saturday, Edwards was asked if he might make Brooks Bollinger the #2 quarterback.

"That might be an option, we will sit down and talk about it," said Edwards.

But on Thursday, he said it was a no-brainer all along.

"That wasn't hard to figure out," Edwards said on Thursday about Carter being the #2. "Why would [Carter] be here if he is going to be a #3 quarterback."

It looks like Bollinger's heroic performance in the final preseason game didn't help his cause. Bollinger threw three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to lead the Jets to a 28-27 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

If Carter has to play against the Bengals, the Jets will have to simplify their offense. Carter is still in the process of learning the Jets playbook . . .

If the Jets lose an offensive tackle in the Bengals game, they could be in a lot of trouble. The only veteran backup offensive tackle they have, Brent Smith, is battling a tricep injury that could affect his play. The injury has been heavily wrapped in recent days. The only other backup offensive tackles on the roster are rookies Adrian Jones and Marko Cavka, who are both projects and not ready for extensive action . . .

Erik Coleman was named the starting strong safety on Thursday. However, Reggie Tongue will likely start at free safety for Jon McGraw, who will play, but on a limited basis. McGraw is still recovering from a groin injury . . .

The Bengals will likely be without starting cornerback Deltha O'Neal for the opener, so expect Jets quarterback Chad Pennington to go after his likely replacement, Madieu Williams, early and often. Not only is Williams a rookie, but he's was a safety at Maryland. Jets rookie wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery, an NC State product, went up against Williams in the ACC.

"He is fast, he is really fast," said Cotchery. "And his athleticism, it is unusual to see that at safety. So I understand why they have him at corner right now. He was always around the ball, and made a lot of plays. I remember he always talked a lot.

"At the Senior Bowl, they were looking at him at cornerback. He played corner and did pretty well. He showed whoever drafted him, they could be flexible with him." . . .

The Jets new defense could have a very tough time stopping the Bengals' talented starting tailback Rudi Johnson, who breaks a lot of tackles. Remember last year's Jets defense was known for missing a lot of tackles. Jets backup linebacker Mark Brown was a teammate of Johnson's at Auburn.

"He is a hard runner," said Brown. "He is hard to tackle. He's got real good balance. He's kind of short at 5-10. He's got real good balance, so if you hit him, you have to wrap him up, or you better hope a teammate is around. Because when you hit him, he will bounce right off you and keep going. He absorbs blows pretty good. He has some speed, but it's not explosive speed. He can break it, but he won't run away from you. His biggest thing is breaking tackles, and yards after contact." . . .

Wide receiver Wayne Chrebet practiced on Thursday, and will likely play on Sunday.

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