Mawae and Cowart update

The following is a conversation with Jets coach Herman Edwards about the injuries to center Kevin Mawae and middle linebacker Sam Cowart.<p>

Q)Did Kevin Mawae injure the hand that he snaps with?

Edwards: Yes, it was his right hand.

Q)Will he be able to snap if he has to wear a small cast?

Edwards: Well, he couldn't during the game because it swelled up. That's why we took him out. We'll see. Give him a week and see what happens. He's got two weeks until he has to play a game. We'll see what happens at that point.

Q)With his experience at center, could you put Pete Kendall in there?

Edwards: Is it short-term or long-term? That's what you really have to try to look at. You're right, he has played there. It's just according to what happens with Kevin. If it's a long-term deal, you maybe can have the possibility of doing that. Short-term deal, maybe you don't do that at all. You maybe go with what we had, Jonathan Goodwin playing center.

We'll make that decision. What is good is we don't have to make it this week, so the bye really helps us, comes at a good time for us.

Q)Curtis Martin said that beyond Chad Pennington, Kevin Mawae might be the most irreplaceable member of the team. Could you talk about that, if Kevin can't play?

Edwards: I think Kevin's going to play. That's my personal opinion. I don't know that, but I just got a gut feeling he'll play. But, yeah, he's a guy that -- he's a very, very special player, there's no doubt about it. A center like that comes along every once in a while.

Q)What is the prognosis on Sam Cowart's knee injury?

Edwards: It's going to be week to week.

Sam's done a great job, really has. For all intents and purposes, he was a guy -- we drafted Jonathan Vilma, everybody was saying Vilma is going to be the guy.

Jonathan has to go in there and play. Jonathan will do a good job. Sam will get well hopefully here in a couple weeks or so, be ready to roll.

Q)Do you anticipate Sam Cowart not playing?

Edwards: To be quite honest, I don't know. I mean, it's day to day, week to week, I guess. We'll find out. Get the MRI and find out how bad it is.

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