A conversation with Chad Pennington

Q)After the bad starts the last few years, how important is this year's 2-0 start?<p> Pennington: It is nice to see some success after the hard work you put in and the emphasis you put on trying to get off to a good start. We are not satisfied with where we are but we feel good about the position we are in. Now we have to capitalize on getting off to a good start.<p>

Q)Now what is the next goal?

Pennington: The next goal is to get your first division win. We weren't very good in the division last year and it is very important that we get a division win on the road and get off to a good start in our division. Our third game of the year in Miami is our biggest game because it sets the tone for the division and it also sets the tone for winning on the road in the division.

Q)What did you do on the bye weekend?

Pennington: Just enjoyed my family. Enjoyed my wife and my son. It is kind of hard to do that during the season so when you get a chance to do that, you have to take full advantage of it.

Q)What do you think of having the bye week earlier in the season?

Pennington: I like it early because I think it breaks up the monotony of training camp running into the season and it gives your team a chance to rest from training camp, especially your receivers and the perimeter guys because they have been on their feet for so long.

When the bye week comes later on in the season, it can almost break the momentum you have or the run you are trying to put together for the playoffs. So I kind of like it early.

Q)Could the bye week break up the rythym the offense developed in the first two games?

Pennington: No, if anything it is going to be able to give us more of a chance to get a better feel for each other. We are not even close to where we need to be. So this extra time throwing with Justin and Santana and talking with these guys about routes and things, I think it comes at a really good time.

Q)Is there a different feeling on the sideline than last year?

Pennington: I definitely think with the new attitude we have, we expect to win. We don't expect to sit back and say, ‘here we go again.' We expect to make things happen and to change the perception as well as the history of this organization. I think there is something new on the sideline and there is a greater expectation that when adversity does strike, it is not the time to put your head down and sulk, it is time to do something about it.

Q)Have all the younger players on the team help bring a different attitude to the team?

Pennington: I think the veterans understand the attitude of this team has changed and the energy and synergy of the team has changed. It is a more useful, active group and it has helped the veterans. When your teammates are youthful, active and energetic, you have no choice but to be the same. You have to fall right in line along with them. It is just a different team. To me, change is good. It is a good thing especially with how we ended up last year.

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