Mawae: Streak not important

Here are the thoughts of Jets center Kevin Mawae on his streak of 157 straight games possibly being broken this Sunday because of a hand injury:

The only thing important right now is that this team stays on track and that we win. My streak and all that is inconsequential and unimportant to this whole thing.

What matters is me being healthy to play the rest of the season. We're going to make a decision of what is best for the team and what will give us the best chance to win and obviously what is best for me.

Guys rely on me, they know I'm here each week. I sat there and watched the game [on Sunday]. Brett Favre, he has 197 (game streak). The thing about somebody like that is your team can count on you. You take pride in that.

It's one of those tough calls, if it comes down to it. Do you put your pride aside and let the team have the best chance of winning or do you keep the streak alive? The whole reality of it is when it comes down to it, [the streak] really doesn't matter, all that matters is if the team wins or loses.

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