A conversation with Kevin Mawae

Q)How long have you been working on snapping left-handed?<p>

Mawae: We were working on it for a week-and-a-half, and we made it work.

Q)Can you take us through the last couple of weeks and what went into this decision for you to play center lefty? Did you have to take extra snaps to get ready?

Mawae: I didn't take any extra snaps. I took the normal reps I normally take. I also played guard during the week.

On Wednesday, I took most of my reps at guard. But Thursday, I had a good feeling about snapping left-handed and that is when we decided to do it.

Q)How important was it for you to keep you consecutive games started streak alive?

Mawae: It was important, but the most important thing was the win, and if it was a matter of me hampering the team from winning, I never would have played. I felt I could contribute and do a good job.

Q)Can you talk about the play on the goalline when Curtis Martin scored. Why were you playing left guard and Pete Kendall was at center on that play?

Mawae: It was cool. There were situations where it was better for Pete to snap the ball, to protect the ball. That was our number one play on the goalline going into the game. It worked out.

Q)How weird was it snapping lefty?

Mawae: It was when we first starting doing it last week. My whole thing all along was Chad being comfortable with it. We got to the point where we were both comfortable with it and it worked for us.

Q)What happened on the fumbled snap in the first quarter?>

Mawae: Chad said the ball was a little short. We won the game, so it was inconsequential.

Q)What exactly did you have on your hand?

Mawae: It was a cast, a club.

Q)The Dolphins seemed to be complaining about how you were using the club . . .

Mawae: Some guys were complaining about me clubbing them, but what am I going to do, I have a club on my hand. I had a club on my hand, and I was using it. I wasn't throwing any haymakers.

Q)Jason Taylor seemed very unhappy with you . . .

Mawae: Taylor said something and so did Zach (Thomas). The official game up to me three or four times. What did they want me to do, keep my hand behind my back?

Q)What was the downside to playing with the club? Did it hurt you in some ways?

Mawae: My things is using my hands. I hold. I'm a grabber. I hold jerseys whenever I can. That was the big downside.

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