Q-and-A with Chad Pennington

Q)The Jets receivers haven't had alot of action the last couple of games. Can you sense they are getting frustrated?<p>

Pennington: Sometimes it can be real easy to get frustrated and not want to work and not want to do things because you are not getting the football. I am very fortunate and very lucky to have guys like I have on my team that understand the concept of team and my receivers are definitely about winning. They understand their opportunities are going to come.

Q)Do you think Justin McCareins in particuluar is getting frustrated?

Pennington: I don't think he is. I think he understands we haven't thrown the ball over thirty times yet. We have been running the ball really well so opportunities in the passing game have been few and far between. I don't think he is frustrated. He takes pride in what he does, not only his catching ability but blocking downfield and that is why we brought him here.

Q)What do you expect Buffalo's defensive game plan to be like?

Pennington: You know their game plan is going to feature a few wrinkles. They are going to have some points of emphasis that maybe you haven't seen on film. That is why you have to trust your rules offensively and trust your game plan as well.

I think sometimes you get focused too much on the opponent. In the end, it's more important what you do and how you do it.

Q)Starting Buffalo cornerback Troy Vincent is out. What can you tell us about his replacement Terrence McGee?

Pennington: I don't think his inexperience hinders him very much. He is a really good anticipator. He is physical; he can play inside and out. He will do a solid job for them. I don't expect it to be where he is a total weakness. I don't think he is a weakness.

Q)What are the keys to the game?

Pennington: We have to go in with the mindset that we have to score points. We just can't expect our defense to hold up and our offense only to be able to put up ten points. We have to go in and attack but at the same time, be patient.

Q)Can you talk about the different blitzes Buffalo brings?

Pennington: It is a smorgasbord. To me, it is similar to New England a little bit. They do a good job of using their personnel. They have excellent linebackers who play very fast and can run real well. They have two guys in the middle, in Adams and Williams, that can hold up on the run and just create a mess inside. You get all kinds of looks, you can't just say they are going to do one thing.

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