Looking at the films - Buffalo

Looking at the defensive films for the Jets -Bills:

Defensive Line:

John Abraham was brilliant. Abraham blew by LT Jonas Jennings for a first-quarter sack, and then beat TE Mark Campbell to stop RB Travis Henry for a loss of 4 yards in the second quarter. Abraham beat Jennings again for another sack at the end of the first half. Abraham strung out RB Willis McGahee on a sweep leading him into the arms of David Barrett, who stopped him for a loss of 1 to end a third-quarter drive. Abraham had his third sack of the game on the Bills¹ last drive.

Dewayne Robertson missed a tackle opportunity on Henry in the backfield on a second quarter gain of 7. Robertson blew up a Henry run in the backfield at the beginning of the second half that lost 1.

Jason Ferguson stopped McGahee on the line in the third quarter. Ferguson was called for encroachment in the fourth quarter.

Shaun Ellis stopped McGahee on the line in the third quarter. Ellis had a late pressure that led to an Abraham sack.

James Reed stopped McGahee for no gain late in the third quarter.


Victor Hobson had a QB pressure on the first drive on a blitz.

Eric Barton had a QB pressure on a fourth-quarter blitz that led to a near pick by Erik Coleman.

Jonathan Vilma was very active. On the first drive in the second quarter, Vilma stopped RB Travis Henry for a loss of 1 and then a few plays later he strung him out on a sweep that gained just 2. Vilma had another second-quarter stop on Henry for no gain towards the end of the half. Vilma ended a third-quarter drive with a sack on a blitz. Vilma missed a tackle opportunity on a Henry gain of 14 on the first drive.


David Barrett was called for illegal contract on the Bills' first play. Two plays later, he provided blanked coverage on a deep pass down the sideline to Eric Moulds. It was perfect coverage. Barrett stopped RB Willis McGahee for a loss of 1 on a sweep to end a third-quarter drive. WR Lee Evans beat Barrett on a fly pattern down the sideline for a 46-yard touchdown. Evans seemed to push off on this play.

Donnie Abraham had a superb game. He did a great job stringing out RB Travis Henry to stop him after 2 yards on a sweep on his first carry. Abraham stopped WR Eric Moulds for no gain on the first drive. Abraham ended the Bills' first drive of the second half, breaking up an out route to WR Bobby Shaw. Abraham's only bad play was when he was beaten by Shaw on an out route for a gain of 20 in the first half.

Moulds caught a 17-yard pass in front of Erik Coleman in the second. Coleman was beaten for a fourth-quarter touchdown by TE Mark Campbell. Coleman had a pass defensed on a pass deep down the middle to Shaw on the second-to-last play of the game. Jon McGraw had a pass defensed on TE Tim Euhus in the fourth quarter.

Terrell Buckley had a pick on a Hail Mary to end the game.

Special teams:

Doug Brien missed a 29-yard field goal in the first quarter into the wind. Brien connected on a 37-yard field goal to end the first half, a 36-yarder in the third quarter and 38-yarder to win the game.

Toby Gowin¹s first punt, at the beginning of the second quarter, wasn't a good one. It went for 24 yards and gave Buffalo the ball on the Jets' 45-yard line. His second-half kickoff went 2 yards into the end zone for a touchback.

Jerricho Cotchery had a terrific stop on KR Terrence McGee on a second-quarter kickoff return. He nailed him on the 23-yard line. Erik Coleman had two second-half kickoff tackles on McGee.

Darrell McClover had an illegal block in the back in the second quarter.

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