Abraham a big concern to Brady

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady couldn't stop talking about Jets defensive end John Abraham today during his press briefing.

Q)Could you give us a little scouting report on Chad Pennington?

Brady: I'll let our defensive guys worry about that because I have to worry about John Abraham.

Q)What about John Abraham?

Brady: He has seven [sacks]. He is trying to break the quarterback's back. He comes hard and he comes fast and he comes all the time. It is a very good defensive front. Shaun Ellis is a very good player. [Dewayne] Robertson is good. They have an excellent front four and they put a lot of pressure on the quarterback.

Q: When you scramble this week, are you going to slide?

TB: [Laughing] I hope so. I have to do that or button my chinstrap tighter. I don't get to run very often. It is almost like when I am out of that pocket, things are happening way to fast for me.

Q)Is their front front four a big reason the Jets are forcing so many turnovers?

Brady: Defensively, it is a very good front four that forces the ball out quick. I think that secondary realizes that ball is coming out quick and they jump some routes. Donnie Abraham made a great play against Miami, intercepting a ball and running it back for a touchdown.

Q)You are known for your quick release. Are you going to have to make it even quicker this week?

Brady: I have to be. I have to get that ball out quick because they are coming. It is one of those things where John Abraham is as good as there is and he is coming off that edge and attacking the quarterback. If you are standing around too long with that ball in your hand, you are going to have helmet marks right in the middle of your back at some point, which I'm not intending to do this week.

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