How will the Jets use Cowart when he returns

While his knee injury has improved, it doesn't look like linebacker Sam Cowart will play.

Cowart returned to practice this week, but is working with the scout team.

"He's getting close," said Jets coach Herman Edwards. "He's not 100 percent. It's probably another week."

So expect Cowart to return for the Jets game against the Miami Dolphins on November 1.

And when he returns, his role has yet to be determined. While Cowart has been on the shelf for the last month, rookie Jonathan Vilma has started at middle linebacker and done a solid job. It's hard to see Cowart regaining his starting job when he returns.

"(Defensive coordinator) Donnie (Henderson) has talked to both of them, it will work it's way out," said Edwards.

But the coach refuses to say how it will "work it's way out."

"I don't feel I have to talk about that now; Sam just started practicing," said Edwards.

Vilma is a precocious rookie to say the least with his ability to pick up the system so fast, and call the defensive signals without a snag. "The guy speaks three languages, you think he ain't gonna figure out [the playbook]" said Edwards. "When you call the defense and make checks as a rookie, and don't panic, that says a lot about him as a player."

So you get the idea it's going to be very tough for Cowart to regain his starting job.

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