Monday Notebook - Jets CB issues

Outside linebacker Jason Glenn broke his arm, and might be out for the year.<p>

Whether he's put on IR or not, he's going to be out a while. Look for second-year linebacker Mark Brown to help fill the void. But also, the return of Sam Cowart from the injured list for the Miami game, will also help the Jets overcome this injury. Glenn plays in nickel situations, and Cowart is good in this role, as is rookie Jonathan Vilma. This will give the Jets a chance to get Vilma and Cowart on the field together more. As for filling the roster spot, it's possible the team could bring back Quincy Stewart, who is a very good special teams player. Remember Glenn is one of the Jets best coverage guys on kicks and punts . . .

Now you can see why Bill Belichick cut nickel back Terrell Buckley this summer. It looks like the 13-year veteran has seen better days. He's had two bad two weeks in a row. Last week, he was implicated in Arnaz Battle's 65-yard catch in the 49er game, and this week he had three more bad plays.

Buckley was late coming over on a deep out to WR David Givens that gained 18 yards on the Patriots first drive. Wideout David Patten got behind Buckley for a seven-yard touchdown pass at the end of the first half. Buckley left RB Kevin Faulk wide open in the third quarter, but the running back dropped the ball.

The Jets really miss Ray Mickens (knee-IR) at nickel back. Also the man who replaced Mickens, Derrick Strait, is missed as well. The Jets can only hope Strait's foot injury doesn't keep him out much longer. Between Buckley, and starting cornerbacks Donnie Abraham and David Barrett, the Jets have one of the slowest three cornerback sets in football, and this is becoming problematic. It might be time to get rookie Rod Bryant in the mix. Bryant has very good speed (4.4 forty).

Twice in the last three games, Barrett has been beat down the sidelines for a long gains. Buffalo's Lee Evans did it, and on Sunday, New England's David Givens blew past him as well.

It's becoming more and more clear that the Jets are trying to play a man-to-man based system with Cover Two cornerbacks.

Expect the Jets first round pick next year to be a shutdown cornerback . . .

The Jets did a lot of things to hurt themselves yesterday, like the Jerald Sowell fumble, the Dewayne Robertson roughing the passer and the 12 men on the field on a punt. But one underrated bad play was when Anthony Becht dropped an easy pass on the Jets second to last drive. It he caught that pass and ran with it, the Jets likely would have been in field goal range, and if they made it, could have attempted a field goal at the end to tie the game.

By the way, the 12th man on the field on the punt team was safety Reggie Tongue . . .

Jets longsnapper James Dearth was limping noticable leaving the stadium on Sunday. We don't know the nature of this injury. . .

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