Edwards blast reporters

Here is Herman Edwards diatribe directed at reporters who he feels claimed the Jets saw their loss to New England as a moral victory:

"There a lot of ways that people try to build it up, obviously if people started throwing helmets in the locker room, and laying on the floor the big story would have been "their season is over, put everything in the basket, the season is over." But our team wouldn't. Our team wasn't in the locker room throwing tantrums and all that. They were very, very disappointed. But now the mood is that it was a moral victory for us, that's hog wash. For people to say that, it's a shame. Shame on them. Because it's really sad because when the game is over with, no one is in the locker room except the coach and the players and the staff. How I address the team, nobody hears that except for me and the players. For someone to write that, that's sad, sad commentary. For us it's a 10-game season, and we'll see how we react.

"My problem is that I don't walk in somebody else's house and say the mood of the house was this. Because you don't know what the mood was, because you didn't walk in there after that game. That's the problem I have. I'm going to let it go. I'm done talking about it. The problem I've got is when we're 5-0 and walking in the locker room, we're not doing jumping jacks. We won a game. We're glad we won the game, we move on.

"But see, I know how it can get written. I know the perception of it, too. We want the helmets on the ground, we want guys falling down and crying, "The season is over for the Jets. They put too much into one game, the coach don't know what he's doing."

"I'm painting whoever said it, and if the shoe fits you wear it. If the shoe fits wear it, if it don't fit, you shouldn't worry about it. God judges everybody by theirself, he don't judge everybody in the same boat. If the shoe fits, then you've got to wear it and put your name on it. Be the guy that said "I said because I was in the locker room with Coach Edwards that the mood was this." But you weren't in the locker room with Coach Edwards. You don't know the mood of that football team. That's the problem I got."

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