Pennington on moral victories

Chad Pennington's take on the moral victory controversy:

I just think what people have to understand is that our goal is not just to beat the Patriots. That is not the end goal. Our team understands the bigger picture of winning the world championship. Sometimes when you lose, when you know you can change some things to win and you can control those things, it is easier to take. When you can't control those things, when you just flat out get beat because they are better than you, then that is harder to take.

I know for myself, there are some things I can control. I can control my reads, I can control my throws. That is why you look at it and say ok, let's go back and fix these things and let's work on these things and get better.

This is the first time since Coach Edwards has been here that we had control over our destiny. We are not trying to hope people lose and we win and look at all the different scenarios and all the mathematical equations. We don't have to do that. We just need to concentrate on winning football games. That is why we are not overreacting. If anything we are under reacting because we know we can change it.

Moral victories. I don't think there is such a thing. First of all, ‘moral?' In the game of football that doesn't make too much sense anyway, you are out there trying to rip each other's heads off. There is not too much moral about it. Secondly, you guys were shocked about how we reacted after the game. The fact that guys weren't mad and arguing and throwing things and things like that. We are right there. Two plays, I can think of two plays myself where we were right there. So when you know you are right there, you know you can change those things and you can make progress. We definitely would have our heads down if we went up there and got beat 30-3 and you would go ‘my God, we are way off.' But we are not way off. We are right there. We put ourselves in a good position to do some good things.

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