A conversation with Jon McGraw

Q)How difficult is it to prepare on a short week following a Monday night game?<p>

McGraw: It is hard each week to keep your focus, but especially after a Monday night game. Your routine is a little messed up. You have a shorter week, a little less time to prepare so it is something that takes some discipline to stay focused and put in the extra time to prepare for the team like you would normally.

Q)How helpful is the team's great pass rush to the secondary, especially when you guys don't have to blitz?

McGraw: Our theme every week is get hits on the quarterback and get pressure back there. I think that is one of the big keys to our success so far. The D-line just doing the four man rush seems to be getting a good amount of pressure back there.

Q)What is the difference in the running styles between Buffalo's Willis McGahee and Travis Henry?

McGraw: From what I have seen McGahee is a little more of a downhill runner. Travis seems like he likes to go outside first and cut it back downhill. McGahee looks like he wants to get downhill right now. Other than that, they are both tremendous runners. They have good balance, great strength and have the ability to break big runs. It is something we have to be ready for.

Q)Do you like Donnie Henderson on the field more or up in the box?

McGraw: I can't speak for everyone else but for me it doesn't really matter. Either you talk to him there face to face or you talk to him on the headphones. It doesn't make a big difference to me.

Q)You have two interceptions on the year. Do you feel you left a few more out on the field?

McGraw: I should have at least two more right now. On one, I was already running, I don't know how many times I have caught a ball like that and gone up the sidelines. I think that is the first one like that I have ever dropped. It was like old hat, going to the endzone and somehow it went right through my hands.

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