Pennington Post Game Press Conference

Q)Chad can you talk about your injury, when it happened and how you are feeling?<p>

Pennington: It happened in the first half. It got jammed up in the turf, and on a cold and windy day, it never loosened backup. It kept getting tighter and tighter.

Q)Why were you finally pulled from the game?

Pennington: It was a tough decision to make. It was a tough decision to make on my part on Coach Edwards part. There is a fine line between leaving your team out there and hurting your team as well. We had to make that decision.

Q)How was the decision made? Did the coach come to you or did you go to the coach?

Pennington: I went to coach and we talked about it and I left the decision up to him, and he made it.

Q)How much did it effect your play while you were in there?

Pennington: No excuses and no explanations. That is what I live by. I played with it in the first half and we did some good things, but in the second half it got a little worse.

Q)Do you think you will be able to play against Baltimore?

Pennington: I plan on it. Coach Edwards told you it was a shoulder bruise. It feels like a charley horse kind of deal, but in your shoulder instead.

Q)You seem to throw well in the second quarter after the injury . . .

Pennington: It just got worse. It wasn't 100 percent in the first half, it just keeps getting worse.

Q)What went into the decision to leave the game?

Pennington: After the interception and then the sack, I just felt I was hurting the team more than helping the team, so we made the decision to go with Quincy.

Q)What about the wind today, how much did it effect the passing game?

Pennington: It definitely effects how you throw and sometimes you have no control over where it goes.

Q)What happened on the interception?

Pennington: I put it a little bit too far inside.

Q)Did you get an x-ray after the game, and do you plan on having one?

Pennington: No.

Q)Could it be separated?

Pennington: They just said shoulder bruise.

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