Pennington wishes he could have slid

Jets quarterback Chad Pennington will be out 2-4 with a bruised right rotator cuff. He suffered the injury in the first quarter of the Jets loss to Buffalo on a scramble, and then it got worse on a third quarter hit by Bills defensive end Chris Kelsay. Here are Pennington's thoughts on his injury:

Injuries happen in football, especially to quarterbacks because we're vulnerable targets a lot of the time.

I've never had a rotator cuff injury or too many shoulder problems, so I haven't had too much experience with it. All I know is that I'm going to do all that I can and work harder than ever in my rehab to get back just like I did last year.

I'll lean upon my experience from last year, try and get back as quickly as possible. What I won't do is go out there and play to where I'm hurting the team. I'm going to make sure that when I play, I can give my teammates 100 percent effort and play to the caliber that I can play to help us win. I don't want to play at half speed and hurt us and cause us to lose.

What really caused the injury to escalate was on the first drive of the second half. I was on a bootleg, rolled out of the pocket and tried to throw it across the field and got tackled. I really landed on the shoulder hard, harder than when I fumbled. That really took the injury to the next level and really affected how I was playing. After a couple of series, I felt like it wasn't worth it. I was putting my team in jeopardy.

I am football player and I have a football mentality. I don't believe in coming out when you feel hurt. Now when you are injured, it is a different thing. It is a tough call to make. There is a fine line there and finally I had to make that decision.

It could definitely be worse. You see quarterbacks fall like that all the time and they break their collarbone or dislocate their shoulder. My cup is still half full.

I am always trying to slide. It was just a weird situation where they are closing in on me on both sides and it was one of those situations where you didn't have time to react to that. I have always felt like if it is not third or fourth down in the Super Bowl or the AFC Championship game, you need to slide. I would loved to have slid there but it was just one of those situations where it couldn't happen because it happened so fast.

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