A conversation with Jason Ferguson

Q)What needs to be fixed in the run defense after last week's performance in Buffalo?<p>

Ferguson: It wasn't a major thing, it was just that they found a crease in our defense and they took advantage of it in that game. I am not expecting that crease to still be there. We nailed that pretty good this week.

Q)In both losses this year, the team allowed over 100 yards rushing. Is there a common denominator there?

Ferguson: Definitely. That is just something you have to preach every week regardless. Every team in the league wants to run the ball. It is cold weather (outside) and they know it is hard to tackle so everyone has to get on the ball. You know what they are going to try to do: most of their offense is to Jamal (Lewis), give the ball to Jamal and #29 (Baltimore RB Chester Taylor) and let them work.

Q)Give us a scouting report on Jamal Lewis?

Ferguson: You are not going to find somebody that runs with his size, with the package he brings, because he brings everything to the table: his speed, his quickness, his power and his size.

Q)Was last week's performance a wake-up call for the defense?

Ferguson: Not so much a wake up call. Some games just get away like that. We had a chance to win, but (Buffalo) got their running game going… We have to go back and try to make (Baltimore) one-dimensional. That is what we have to do.

Q)What is Baltimore's offensive game plan generally like with such a young quarterback (Kyle Boller)?

Ferguson: I know that they are definitely going to run the ball. Every game they run the ball. I know that their game plan isn't going to change. But as far as them scheming us or anything like that, I think their head coach is a very bright head coach. He will find different ways. They won the Super Bowl with (QB Trent) Dilfer, a good manager-quarterback. (Baltimore QB Kyle Boller) is a good manager.

Q)Will Donnie Henderson be more fired up this week facing his old team?

Ferguson: That is where his heart has been at for five or six years. So, of course he wants to beat these guys. They are his own. That is like bragging rights when you are playing guys in high school, you definitely want to have that bragging in the offseason.

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