The final 14 seconds

CBS Sports' Jim Nantz and Phil Simms' call of the last 14 seconds of regulation of the Baltimore-New York Jets game. The Ravens were leading 17-14. The Jets were second and goal on the six-yard line:<p>

Jim Nantz (To Phil Simms): You made that great point about these teams could all be in the mix when it comes time to sorting out wild cards and playoff scenarios down the road with Pittsburgh pounding Cleveland today on its way to 8-1 - the Steelers' only loss was to Brian Billick's side. They beat them up pretty good too. In fact, they knocked out Maddox and paved the way for Roethlisberger to take over at quarterback.

Phil Simms: The Ravens, they know how big this is, this game. They have to go to New England. They still have to go to Pittsburgh, to Indianapolis - those are three very, very hard road games.

Nantz: Their last four road games of the season, those teams are 15-1 at home this year including coming in with the Jets today, who were 4-0 on the season at home before today.

Now second-and-goal with 14 seconds. These Jets fans don't want to see Doug Brien now. They want to go ahead and close the deal right now....

Nantz: Third down, third and goal, do you take one more shot?

Simms: Absolutely you take a shot. I believe it's 50/50, run or pass right here. Everybody thinks it's an automatic passing situation. Paul Hackett, boy, if he runs this football, he will be crucified in this New York press if they end up not winning. I think it's a very viable call because that might catch this Raven's defense off guard as much as a pass play would.

Nantz: Enough time here to do something. Oh! Quincy Carter turns and calls timeout. The play clock was down to one second.

Simms: I'll tell you what catches them off guard, he (Carter) sprinted out and got caught outside the pocket (on second down play) and he took so long to get the play and get organized again. You've got to remember, they reset the play clock immediately.

Nantz: Now you have to re-evaluate. Do you take another snap here? Any kind of situation where you're tackled, it's over. You're going to lose the game. Now what do you do?

Simms: They're going to take a snap. The problem with situations like this, I had them when I was a quarterback, it's hard to think clearly because you are so worried about getting tackled, or whatever is going on.

Nantz: They're going to bring out Doug Brien. No, they are going to back off that.

Nantz: That was a killer. That was a killer. As you said, with Carter being tackled way over on the sideline and the clock being reset so quickly, they're not going to fool around. It's going to be basically extra point distance here for Doug Brien to send this to overtime - 20-yard try and Gowin on the hold.

Simms: Back-up quarterback, the inexperience - it did get the Jets on that last situation.

Nantz: Brien boots it through. You kick a field goal here at home, and the crowd greets you with a chorus of boo's because they are just flat out disappointed there wasn't one more attempt at the end zone.

Simms: There's a lot of disappointment when you have games like this. When the crowd and everybody feels like you have the Baltimore Ravens where you want them, you're dominating. It turns around. We've had this mood for the whole second half of this game today.

Nantz: Do you agree with the Jets going ahead and kicking it right from that spot?

Simms: No, I would've tried one more play. I would've lined up the receivers outside. If they're going to play it man-to-man, at least try to throw a fade in the back of the end zone. Something where you really can't get hurt. The chances of success were going to be very, very slim.

Nantz: We have five seconds to finish off regulation.

Simms: That's one situation I really believe Quincy Carter, being the back-up, not being in all the time, where they got caught on the last play, where he lost sight of the play clock and realized he had no chance to get the play off, and had to call the last time out.

Nantz: Had he not called the time out, and just been flagged with a penalty, he would've been backed up five yards. You're still not obviously going to miss the chippy field goal, you don't think, but you have the time out in your pocket to still run another play.

Simms: Yeah, that's a good thought.

Nantz: At that point you'd rather have the time out and a snap from the nine or eight yard line. Those five yards weren't worth preserving...At that point it's just a knee jerk reaction. Whoops, I'm going to get beat on the down clock. I better call a time out. He needed the time out. Give them the five yards.

Simms: I think Quincy Carter hesitated. I thought he looked to the sideline, and there was a time out coming. I'm not sure where it came from, but you're right, the reaction is, save the yards, call the time out.

Simms: Did Herman Edwards just think it was too much of a gamble, the percentage is not with him and that's why he decided to kick a field goal instead of going for one the extra play?

Nantz (referring to replay): Herm's telling him to watch the clock, this is back before the third down play. Oh look at this.

Simms: Herman Edwards was getting ready to say call the time out.

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