A conversation with Quincy Carter

Quincy Carter wants the media to stop talking about the Baltimore game. Here is an interview with Carter about that and other topics:<p>

Q)What are your thoughts on the Cleveland Browns?

Carter: Cleveland lost a couple of tough games this year. They are 3-6 but they have had some games where they could be 5-4 right now. We know we are going to be facing a pretty good challenge in them. They are going to be playing at home, they need a win. They have lost three straight now. They are going to give us their best shot.

Q)What are your thoughts on matchup up against your former head coach, Dave Campo, who is the defensive coordinator of the Browns?

Carter: He knows my strengths and my weaknesses. I think that both sides know each other a little bit so I think it is going to be a pretty good contest.

Q)What are your thoughts on people questioning the play-calling against Baltimore?

Carter: We call it ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacks'. You can't go out and possibly run everything you want to against any particular defense. Some defenses set their defense to stop certain plays. That is why certain plays work against certain defenses and other plays don't. So you have to pick and choose around the defenses weaknesses and then you have to go ahead into your gameplan and establish what you want to do as an offense.

Q)Have you gotten over last week's loss?

Carter: We are pretty much putting what happened Sunday behind us and we are moving on from here. The past is the past now because when we go to Cleveland, they don't care what happened last week. We are putting it behind us and moving on and trying to get to our seventh win this year. That is all we are focused on right now.

Q)Have you noticed how Dallas is doing?

Carter: No. I couldn't tell you what their record was. I am just concentrating on the Jets. That is who I play for.

Q)Has Paul Hackett put more bootlegs in the playbooks since that is a strength of yours?

Carter: I think we had about four or five in the game. That is about the same number Chad would get- four or five- so nothing has changed. We are doing the same amount of boots.

Q)Do you want to take more shots down field?

Carter: When they are playing Cover 2, it is hard to take shots down the field. You as a quarterback and an offensive coordinator and as coaches, you know that when things present itself, that is when you take your shots. When things are not there, you have to check the ball down and do something else with it. Some plays are called to be a deep pass, but when the coverage doesn't dictate that you throw the football down the field then you have to go to your nearest option.

Q)Do you feel the coaches have you on a short leash?

Carter: As I go along here, the coaches will get a little better feel for what I can do and how I operate as a quarterback. It is all a trust factor. They can't let me go out and throw the ball 40 times when I haven't been here for the duration of the off-season, OTA's and everything.

Q)Have you gone over with Coach Hackett what went wrong on the final series in regulation?

Carter: We addressed it and we are definitely going to handle it better. That is pretty much where you have to leave it because we definitely want to move on from here. We definitely want to get it behind us. I am sure that the papers will still be selling pretty good if you keep writing about it, but I am not going to keep giving comments on it. Let's move on, it is time for Cleveland.

Q)What are your thoughts on Cleveland's defense?

Carter: They are about eighth in the league in third downs, so they are getting people off the field. They are doing some good things on defense. They are pretty much right in the middle of the pack in every category. They don't have any quote ‘big superstars' but they play well as a bunch.

Q)What do you personally want to improve this week?

Carter: I want to play a little bit looser. At times I was a little cautious with the football. You definitely want to protect the football as a quarterback but at the same time, you don't want to restrict your play with being so cautious with the football.

I could tell from this year and from last year, I was just a little bit cautious. There were some throws that I would have maybe let go last year but I will definitely be letting go this week instead of holding on to the football.

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