A conversation with Chad Pennington

Q)When do you think you are going to return?<p>

Pennington: It's an injury I've never dealt with, and there are no guaranteed parameters. It's not an ABCD injury. It's an injury that takes a while. It's a frustrating injury because you have to let the body heal, and do what it has to do.

Q)Are you going to start throwing this week?

Pennington: Yeah I am. That is what we plan on, to start going towards throwing again instead of doing just tubing and things like that.

Q)Will throwing this week possibly lead you to playing next Sunday at Arizona?

Pennington: I don't know. It's hard to comment on because you can't predict it. Sometimes your body takes a huge jump forward and sometimes it takes a step back. You hope you take a big step forward and don't suffer any setbacks.

Q)Is the injury recovering as fast as you would hope?

Pennington: I wish it had been over in a week, but it's doing pretty good.

Q)Do you have another MRI scheduled?

Pennington: No, just normal stuff.

Q)Will they do another MRI this season?

Pennington: I doubt it. There is no need to. It's just a matter of letting the body heal. A picture isn't going to really say anything. They've seen all they've need to see.

Q)What are your thoughts on the broadcast report that you might be close to having surgery?

Pennington: I don't know where he is getting that. Not right now. I will take it one day at a time, keep rehabbing, hopefully it will come along as fast as it has so far.

Q)So there are no thoughts that surgery will be required?

Pennington: Not that I know of right now. It's one of those things that I have to wait and see. After the season probably.

Q)But not during the season?

Pennington: Right exactly.

Q)How hard is it watching?

Pennington: It's a helpless feeling. It's probably going to drive me away from coaching because when you are coaching, you are helpless to. You can prepare your guys all you want, but on gameday (it's up to them).

Q)How tough is it to sit for the second straight year?

Pennington: I've had set backs the last two years with injuries you can't play through. You have to sit out to become healthy enough to play again. It's frustrating.

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