Pennington update

Here is an update on Chad Pennington's condition from Jets coach Herman Edwards:

Q)Where is Chad's rehabilitation at after a week of throwing?

Edwards: As far as shedding some light (on the situation), he threw the ball and where he's at, to be quite honest, I don't know. That's all I can say. He can't play yet. He's coming along. It's a day-to-day proposition. As his arm gets stronger, we'll let him do a little bit more. He threw for two days, which is good. He didn't feel bothered or tired at all. Next week will be another test for him. Hopefully he can improve next week a little bit more.

Q)When will he throw next?

Edwards: He'll probably do some throwing on Sunday, do some warm-ups. But that will be way early, before the game.

Q)When will he start practicing with the first string?

Edwards: I'll let you know (if he practices with the first string) as soon as he does. He'll practice a little bit more next week, and we'll see where he's at. He's getting better. He doesn't have any lingering effects from practicing; he's not sore or anything like that. We're just going about it very slow.

Q)How many passes did Chad throw last week?

Edwards: I think about 80. It might be 79, it might be 81. So don't quote me on that. It's right around 80.

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