Pennington thinks he can play this Sunday

Here is Chad Pennington's first hand account of where his shoulder injury is at, as of Monday, November 29:

Rehab went really well. We made progression. Obviously the first two weeks I didn't pick up a football. We concentrated on minimizing the swelling and reducing the bleeding and swelling within the shoulder. That's what caused the lack of mobility and range of motion. Last week, in the third week of rehab, we moved into doing more functional things on the field with the football and going through the range of motion and just slowly progressing from warm-up tosses to making full throws like you would in a football game and that's what I did on Sunday. I made 50 game-time throws and everything felt fine. In this game, you are never 100 percent. The only time you are 100 percent is the first day of training camp and after that you're always constantly dealing with something. Quarterbacks are constantly dealing with tendonitis in their shoulder and receivers are constantly dealing with hamstrings and players are constantly dealing with knee problems and that's just the nature of the game. I feel like I can come back and contribute on the field. But with this being the fourth week of rehab, now the rehab just shifts to practicing and playing out on the field and being able to make the throws as I'm reacting to what I'm seeing, not something that's planned.

Practicing this week is part of the rehab. Its part of what we're trying to go through to get ready to play. I know I'm listed as questionable, but I'm going to prepare as if I'm the starter this week and by the end of the week I'm sure we'll make a decision and it will be a game time decision whether or not I can go.

Wednesday and Thursday everything went up to maybe 25 yards a rep and by Sunday it was all out throwing all routes. They were 40-45 yard throws and things like that, so I think things have gone surprisingly well. I think I have surprised the doctors.

I think the question is does a week really make a difference? That's the question. Functional-wise and my shoulder, and the type of movement that it has to make and the functionality of my shoulder, I don't think a week makes a difference. Obviously a week makes a difference if you don't get hit on, if you don't do anything, but that's not where we are right now. This is the game of football and you do play hurt. You play not at 100%. I don't feel like I'm hurt, I feel like this is an obstacle that I have had to overcome and thank goodness it wasn't an obstacle like last year that put me out for a longer period of time. Now I have to deal with it like other minor injuries like tendonitis and deep, bone bruises, you fight through them Basically I feel like how I felt the first half of the Buffalo game. Everything feels good, I can make all throws. But I don't feel like I'm coming into training camp with six months off and just feeling fresh. You're at the latter part of the season now and none of my teammates feel fresh. You just prepare, get ready for game day and on game day you just go into such a deep focus none of that really matters any more.

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