Pennington says it's a game-time decision

Here is Chad Pennington's first-hand account of his return to practice this week, and his prospects of playing on Sunday against Houston.<p>

Right now it is just getting my feet and legs back up under me. I'm getting back into the groove, getting into the huddle, just the little things of being a quarterback.

It just felt really good being back in the huddle, it really did. There is just a certain feeling that you have when you are playing quarterback and you are in there with the guys and you help contribute on the field. It feels great.

[My teammates] were just kind of giving me the eye, not saying much. Just kind of eyeing me down, seeing how I would react. Things are going fine but then again, you have to make sure your body responds after a practice.

Our training staff and our medical staff have done an excellent job. Just like they did with my hand, they have done a fabulous job of rehabbing me and making sure I am strong and trying to get me back on the playing field.

Obviously when you haven't used those muscles in a long time you feel like you are a little rusty, kind of like a creaky door. Other than that, it felt fine.

I wouldn't play if I felt like I was going to hurt my team. I felt that way in the Buffalo game, at a certain point I thought I was hurting us, not helping us and I told Coach Edwards that. I am never going to put myself in front of my team. There is always an itch to play but at the same time, I am not going to put my team in jeopardy of losing.

I am questionable which means 50/50 obviously and it is going to be a game time decision. With an injury like this, you can't predict it. Just because of how you feel one day, doesn't mean you are going to feel great the next day.

This week is not only practice week for me, it is a rehab week as well. I had planned throws last week, this week is about reacting and having to throw when you don't have time to think about it. It is a different muscle movement. It is a different move for your central nervous system so it is a lot different.

I will know by the end of the week whether or not I have confidence in myself and in my physical ability to go out there and lead us. Because we are in a stretch right now where there is no room for error. We have to play well, I have to play at a high level to make sure we make the playoffs.

If we are going to make a playoff run, we have to play more consistently as an offense. Most importantly, we have to score more points. Scoring less than 20 points a game is not going to allow us to win, especially in the playoffs. The teams we play down the stretch, we are going to have to play well offensively.

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