John Abraham on his injury

Q)Have they told you how long it might take to come back?<p>

Abraham: We are not sure. It's not the kind of injury that you can really tell. There isn't a lot of background on this type of injury. With an ACL or MCL they know what is going on with it. This isn't anything that is career-ending, so I'm happy about it.

Q)Is there any doubt in your mind you will be back before the end of the season?

Abraham: I'm taking it week-by-week. I'm not putting a timetable on how long it's going to take. This is an injury you can't really tell. I'm going to take it week-by-week. I'm not going to try and rush myself back. I want to be healthy when I come back. I don't want to be half speed.

Q)Will you definitely be back for the playoffs if you guys make it?

Abraham: I'm just trying to get back when I'm 100 percent. It could be the playoffs. It could be next week. I don't want to rush back and hurt myself and my teammates.

Q)Why don't they have more information on this injury?

Abraham: It really doesn't happen that much. When I say LCL, nine out of ten people don't know what I'm talking about. People know the ACL and MCL, but they don't know the LCL. It's not an injury that happens that much, so they don't know that much about it.

When you don't have as much information on how it heals, it's kind of tough to work with.

Q)What aren't you able to do?

Abraham: I can't be the 100 percent John Abraham that I've been. I can't be effective on the field like I need to be. I think I could play if I played a different position. If I played on the interior, or I played quarterback. If I didn't have to move as much. But me being a speed rusher, I do things with my body that are different than other positions.

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