A conversation with Chad Pennington

Q)Can you talk about the loss in Pittsburgh and what it means?<p>

Pennington: It's frustrating. I can only talk about myself and my performance. It wasn't good enough. We're only going to go as far as I take them. That's how it works in the NFL; when the quarterback plays well, you have a chance to win, when the quarterback plays bad, you got a chance to lose. I'm better than what I played tonight. It's a big challenge for me, but I'm looking forward to the next three weeks. One of the biggest challenges I've faced.

Q)Do you feel like you played good enough to win?

Pennington: No. Not really. Just errant throws and bad reads. It's just not a good performance, not a winning performance. Not good enough to put my team in position to be successful.

Q)What is the difference in Pittsburgh from other games this year?

Pennington: It's frustrating, but I felt like after the first half, everything in the world happened to us, everything went wrong, and we were still in the game.

In the second half, we had really good drives. It was like last week in the first half, when you get down there, you're got to score touchdowns, especially on the road. Just too many mental mistakes by myself and not enough winning football. It always starts with me. I'm glad it does start with me because I can control that.

Q)Do you feel you guys are good enough to beat the Steelers?

Pennington: Every game, no matter if you're playing the worst team in the NFL or the best team in the NFL, you have a chance to win. That's because of the talent level for each team and the parity. There are only a few plays that separate the 11-1 team from the 1-11 teams. It's only a few plays; it's not like college where there is a big disparity in talent level. That's not the way it is. Getting close is not good enough. Every team comes close, and a lot of teams have come close to beating the Steelers. To their credit, they did a great job of making sure that they not only came close, but won the game.

Q)Were the first two interceptions due to bad reads?

Pennington: The first one, yeah I just did not judge his depth correctly. Polamalu made a great catch. And then the fabulous interception by Farrior on the second one, he read my eyes a little bit.

Q)How frustrating is this?

Pennington: Every loss is frustrating because every loss you always feel like the quarterback plays a major role and a major part in it. There's no doubt that I'm disappointed in myself. Disappointed in how I played. We didn't manage the game very well. It's our job as an offense to score points. Two out of the four losses, we only scored six and seven, that's disappointing for a quarterback.

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